Rose Chandler is an inspirational, thought provoking, turnaround speaker. Rose has often said, “if I speak and no one is challenged, I have not spoken at all”.

From corporate speaking to church preaching, Rose vacillates between the two extremes with tact, directness and diplomacy. As a corporate accountant, Christian preacher and author, Rose knows how to speak from her heart to make a maximum impact.

Rose has tailor-made presentations of her book “How to Turn Your Pain to Power”. She has tailored her presentations to a church and secular environment whilst remaining true to the underlying principles that cause a turnaround in peoples’ lives.

Rose’s objective behind speaking, is to equip her audience with the tools they need, so that they can get the success they desire.

To enquire about booking Rose, leave a message with dates and information about your event by calling +44 (0) 1256 560 652 or mobile +44 (0) 7525 348007 or biz@paintopower.co.uk.

To find out what people are saying:

Rose certainly knows how to put it across and leaves us inspired for action. – Samantha George

When Rose speaks I can’t help but to listen. She speaks as if she knows what is going on in my live. I feel this is what Rose was born to do. – Olive James

I have listed to Rose on several occasions and she does make an impact. Her presentations have challenge my thinking. I have taken key principles and strategies from Rose, applied them to my live and reaped the benefits. This is what speaking should be about – results. I can vouch that if you apply the principles and strategies that Rose shares, you will get the results you desire. – Declan Palmer