About Rose

How to Turn your Pain into Power

Written by Rose Chandler

Turn Around Expert, Accountant, Auditor and Christian Author

Rose is a woman of purpose, passion and power. She believes that within everyone is the power to be great and leave a personal, national or global legacy that cannot be erased. This can be in your home, in your work, in your country or in your world. However, Rose encounters many people who have become stuck in life because of a past hurt or tragedy, which took a grip of their lives. Consequently, many have become stressed and depressed, existing but not living. Many have lost the joy of life and no longer see or feel the brilliance of their greatness as a reason for living. Rose understands this pain and feeling of helplessness, because she has had to turn her life around from life threatening illness, redundancy, rejection and unexpected death of her Gran who raised her like her own daughter. It is from the ashes of her life that beauty has emerged in the form of this book on “How to Turn Your Pain into Power”.

In this book, Rose’s takes you on a journey of her own life from darkness to life, misery to mastery and pain to power. It was a journey of discovery, application of Biblical principles, strategies and tools which resulted in a complete turnaround in Rose’s life. Rose’s passion has always been to equip those who want to turn their lives around with the tools and strategies she used so that they can get the success they desire.

This book has been birthed from Rose’s own experience and is packed with timeless Biblical principles and truth that anyone can use to turn their lives around. In this book you will get the tools to:

  • Remove past hurts blocking your future success
  • Program you mind for daily success
  • Identify your purpose and maximize your potential
  • Manage your thoughts and master your life
  • Develop and deploy Massive Intelligent and Deliberate Actions M.I.D.A.s™ to “Turn Your Pain into Power”

This is only a small indicator of the nuggets in this book. Read what people around the world are saying about this book. You will be inspired to change when you read this book but most importantly:

Be it . Do it. Love it. Live it.